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I start my journey as a wedding photographer in 2008 which is just a year before I married a beautiful girl named Nina. Rather than become an architect following my graduation from one great architecture university in Yogyakarta, I choose my own life of path as a wedding photographer where I able to put more passion on it. 

I tried so many niche in photography but I just falling in love with wedding photography and never found any kind of niches better than that.

Having Nina both in my family and business is one great thing that God gave to me, she helps me a lot to take care of my client and she definitely complete my couple’s photo shoot experience no matter where we go.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

One amazing sentence that truly inspire me for what I’m doing right now. I was so happy when having a camera in my hand and capturing people laugh, kisses, and love hug through my lenses



An easy to talk guy that will make you comfort to discuss with. For over than 10 years he develop this studio with passion and love so once you looking for a helpful person who able to become the eye witness of your prestigious moments, so you definitely meet the right person!

Dancing with camera is his breakthrough technique to capturing the moments. When you looking for a photographer who really concern about the moments so Bima is the right person cause he will document your wedding in a unique way and full of fun. Another secret that you should know about him, spicy fried rice and pizza are two things that he loves so bad for his entire life!

Queen of the Studio


A magnificent woman that bring so much fun in this studio, she will happy for helping you for every single things that related to your wedding photo session.

Nina, a person who really good to organize, she was born as a lady that really helpful, charm, and able to listens for your dream and photo expectation. She was graduated with Cum-Laude predicate in Accounting major, so once you expect someone who really detail about most of things, you can bet on her for sure! Another things that you need to know about her, she loves travel, food, and sweet pastry so bad!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We working as a professional in wedding and we always have our camera in our hands! Listens and talk as a friend with you before the wedding is our key of success to get timeless moments. 

Sometimes you will see our photographers talk to somebody while their fingers still clicking the camera shutter.

Even more, sometimes you never think that we still capturing cause we flow with the moments but this is how we capture all of things in wedding naturally!

Denise and Joel
YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! Bima is very good at taking photo and Nina as his assistant help me to do the make up, do the hair style, just let you do whatever you want but the end result came out was very good cause we came to Maldives without hair style, no make up so really got no idea, so you are very very good!!

Denise and Joel
Citra and Budi
Hi Bima, we received our wedding photos on Friday and they are FANTASTIC! Thank you for capturing our moments so beautifully. We love the details, angles, colors and each and every pictures you have taken. I cried tears of joy when I saw them and I can't wait to show it to our family and friends!! You did an AMAZING JOB! Ps. You have no idea how excited me and Budi are to watch the video.

Citra and Budi
Melbourne, Australia
Jasmine and Kevan
Dearest King and Queen of Bima Adhitya Photography, We are truly blessed to have you as our wedding photographer in Bali, Indonesia on 9th June 2014. Thank you for capturing these precious moments for us and our family. King Bima, thank you for making an attempt to know us and creating photos that speak of our emotions. Queen Nina, you are so amazing and helpful - never fail to dish out various options and suggestions to us before our flights to Bali. We truly enjoy every moments of the day. All went on as planned, we had a great team, we had a great weather. Nothing of these is taken for granted. It was all with God's grace!! May God continue to be with you and family, God Bless!!

Jasmine and Kevan
Marcia and Kaisar
Dear Bima & Nina, Thanks so much for being a part of our wedding.. we couldn't ask for another photographer! We are so in love with you magic hand.. thanks for being such a lovely couple also very helpfull photographer to capture every moment today Thanks for always be our mood maker, also for our big family...I can't hardly wait to see all the result, which I know it will be amazing! Maap ya klo ada salah2x dari kami apapun itu.. I'm super happy today! Thanks! Hug and Kisses, Marcia and Kaisar

Marcia and Kaisar

We Just Like You!

With 3 kids among us, so there is always laughter and joy at home.

Sometimes we spend our time with the most lovely couple on earth just like you, but we also spent good time play with these cute little angle all day long, got some music, and some ugly dance that will make our home full of fun. We’re also so blessed for having beautiful family who always support and push us to give only the best things to all couple.

If someday you could see, you will see my daughter sitting down next to me working for her homework while I still working with my computer, retouching, designing your printed album, and cut off for little to teach her for some difficult lesson.

Cause we know as well how important the moment is, that’s why we put our concern and passion about it in a whole photo session, and once there is a couple who put the trust on us, so we’ll do our best for them too!

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