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Welcome to my wedding photo online gallery, turn on your music and keep it enjoy to discover all my works and journey…

Before this journey begin, I work as an architect to design a hospital till I found that I will be more than happy if I can hold a camera and capturing moments. I met thousands of awesome people, capturing their memories, laugh, happiness, and even I sat down in the same table for seafood BBQ dinner with a lovely sunset view around the world. Spend my time to listening what my client expect than shoot, edit the photos, and take control of album design will be the best things that I will always do and it definitely give me tons of positive energy to always create a masterpiece.

Generally I work with my wife, Nina, who always taking care of me and my client. We did it together since before we got married, and personally, she is the best person that I really need to serve my clients.

In other time I started to spread all of these awesome experience to other photographers who also dreaming’ to be a professional photographer by teach them in a seminar, youtube, or by wrote an ebook.

So please welcome to my online wedding photos galleries and enjoy all of my works and journey.


If you want to meet the queen of this studio, so here I am..

Accompany the most talented photographer and a man who become an artist on this studio is the best things in my life. Over than 8 years I work together with my husband, Bima, as a personal assistant and make up artist for some of his client. I could say that I’m the front line on this studio cause I send over than 90% of inquiry that client asking for. Feel free to let me know your expectation, date, and location of photo shoot that you always dreaming in your life.

You can simply send me an email or text me personally in a whatsapp chat to discover how do you interesting to use our services, truly I’m happy for doing this.

Welcome to the most awesome destination photography studio and enjoy our works.


Behind the Signature

bima and nina behind the scene
bima and nina behind the scene in maldives
go to angsana velavaru maldives

Behind the Scene of Photo Shoot

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