Photography Style and Work Flow

What’s Bima’s Style?

Photojournalism and Scenery Explorer become two powerful things in all Bima’s masterpiece, he shoot with fun and rock and roll to all of his client. Bima loves to play with lighting both ambiance and artificial to create unusual – unique photo on your wedding and pre wedding photos.

Does Bima work with a team?

In a pre wedding photo session, Bima works with his wife, Nina. She helps Bima during the photo session as a make up artist, hair do stylist, and assistant. But in wedding ceremony or party, Bima will ask his 2nd shooter to accompany him to capture the moments.

How many images will you deliver and when we can see it?

You can get the JPEG files directly following the photo session. For 6 hours photo session usually you can get around 700 files and Bima will give it to you on a flash-drive, normally need an hour to backup the data following the event. After he comes back to the studio, he will do the post production of your photographs and within 14 days he will send you the edited files proof by wetransfer.com

How long does the wedding book will deliver?

Wedding book will be shipped within 2 months following the photo session

What kind of Album do you use?

Bima provides 2 different kind of album,

First is called Book Signature by Bima, a customize album made by Susan Album Indonesia, this is one of the greatest hand made album maker company which is established on 1964.

Second is called the Graphistudio Italian Premium Album, a luxury album which is imported right from Italy and customize for client who loves the magnificent materials for their own album

What do you do if we have an outdoor venue and it rains on our wedding day?

We believe that most venue and wedding organizer will offer you a rain plan with backup indoor location, as a photographer Bima will easily adapt to any situation. One thing that you should do is stay calm and focus on your wedding, every sorrow in your heart and eyes will really affected to your wedding pictures, but in case you want to know more what we do when the hard rain comes during the photo shoot please check our tips for couple

What gear that Bima use and will he bring any backup tools?

Bima uses both Nikon and Canon for his gear, and yes he always brings another backup tools in the photo session

Discussion and Meeting

Face to Face Meet Up

When you visit Yogyakarta you can meet these talented couple in their house and studio located in Ketanggungan Jl. Nakulo 25 Wirobrajan Yogyakarta 55252 about 2km from Malioboro which become Yogyakarta main shopping district and tourist attraction center. In other case Bima and Nina will also happy to meet you in your hotel, just let them know!

We wish we could meet with Bima and Nina but we don’t live in Indonesia, so how it’s gonna be?

Nina is very quick person to reply an email enquiry and they will feel happy to talk with on the phone or simple video call through Skype. Bima and Nina recently Skype with worldwide couple directly from their working desk and meet their couple who already come back from their office or before they go to bed, it always a way to find the right time and methods to meet with Bima and Nina.

Destination Wedding

Can you cover our wedding or pre wedding located outside your country?

Sure, Bima is based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and He’s happy to travel crossing by the continent to be part of your special day. Distance means nothing when moments means everything.

Do we have to pay your travel expenses?

No, there is the ‘beauty’ of hiring Bima as your photographer on your big day. Bima develop the most magnificent wedding and pre wedding packages without asking travel expenses charge anymore. His photography package rate is divided in two region, South East Asia and Worldwide and through this way every couple may ask Bima to go around the world for capturing your memorable pictures for the next decades.


How do we book and pay your services?

Booking is base on first come basis and we serve a client who already pay the 50% non-refundable deposit. We accept payment with various currencies through bank transfer or using paypal and credit card.