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During past 8 years I already flew thousands miles and visiting various beautiful places to shoot Pre Wedding, Wedding, and Portrait. I met so many lovely couple who hiring me to become an eye witness on their big day and truly it was honor for me. I’ve been blessed cause God give me a great talent and passion that I can put in every single photo shoot that I’ve made. Every first meeting with whole clients is just simply by email and video skype but after all we do become a better friends for each other.

I work together with my wife Nina who belong to my assistant, personal make up artist and hair do stylist for all my couple. It was so nice to working together with someone who really know about me. Through this woman, I was able to focus on how to create a stunning pictures to my clients. We’ve been visited a 5 star luxury resorts in Maldives for pre wedding, a magnificent private hotel and spa in Uluwatu Bali for wedding, and a busiest city like Hong Kong for socialite portraits…all clients were AMAZING!!

Let the Couple Choose Their Own Dream Destination

Every couple always have a dream for having a wedding in a magnificent place and we do respect that and would like to be someone who can help to realize it. Destination photo shoot both in pre wedding and wedding are now become a needs for special person who put a concern of creating stunning pictures that will tell about their love’s story. Here we are, the Bima Adhitya Masterpiece

We called this journey as a Lost in Paradise, a breakthrough package which allow every couple in this world to choose their own dream destination for pre wedding and wedding photo shoot. No matter where it is, we would be happy to be the one who put our passion to create stunning artworks and materpiece.

It’s all set in 1 awesome package, from the high class photography services till make up and hair do stylist, we put it all together in 1 FLAT PRICE!! This package allow the couple ask us to fly from our sweet hometown to Melbourne, New Zealand, Paris, Tuscany, New York, Alaska, Iceland, and you named it! We do already calculate all the expenses that we need for creating memorable pictures such as full services airlines and 4 star hotels no matter where we go. All couple need is to pay the rate and no more hidden fee on it.

taken at the Sanctus Villa Uluwatu

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